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The Economics of Tacit Collusion

The Economics of Tacit Collusion (Ivaldi, et al, 2003)

“Tacit collusion” need not involve any “collusion” in the legal sense, and in particular need involve no communication between the parties. It is referred to as tacit collusion only because the outcome (in terms of prices set or quantities produced, for example) may well resemble that of explicit collusion or even of an official cartel. A better term from a legal perspective might be “tacit coordination”.


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A paper on Indonesian Corporate Governance

This is a paper from Tabalujan (2002). The goal of this paper is to examine Indonesian corporate governance behavior leading up to the crisis during the 1990s and to discuss some lessons to be learned. This is because corporate governance failure has been highlighted as a key contributing factor to explain why Indonesia suffered so badly from the 1997-1999 crisis, compared to other Asian countries. If poor corporate governance is the culprit, then the more that is known about it the more likely a suitable remedy can be applied to solve the problem and to prevent its recurrence. Get the paper here

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Indonesian Corporate Governance Code

Check it out here!

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Paper tentang Persaingan Usaha

Paper lama ditulis Faisal H Basri dan saya tahun 2001, tapi masih relevan saya kira. Papernya ada disini.

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ebook on Wall Street

How stock exchange market works? you could find an ebook about Wall Street here. I do not yet read the book so can not give a short brief.

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e-book Library

Amazing! Some people create a website contained many e-books on economics and business, and others for free. They put all files on rapid-share website. So you can download for the second time after several minutes/hours of your first download. Get the link here!

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References on Competition Policy and Law Enforcement

Last year I attended the Encore Summer School lectured by Vivek Ghosal at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. You can download some reading materials of the course here.

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